Thursday, February 25, 2016

Virus Alert: CryptoWall Ransomware

If you attempt to open your MS Word, Excel, etc. documents and they appear corrupt or display an error message, it is possible that your computer has been infected by the CryptoWall virus.


CryptoWall is file-encrypting ransomware that was released around the end of April 2014 that targets all versions of Windows.  The CryptoWall virus is a Trojan Horse that encrypts your computer's data files and holds the user hostage, requesting payment of $500 in Bitcoins to release and decrypt their files. 

If you are not experienced in dealing with this type of virus we suggest contacting an experienced company to deal with the problem.  MBC Solutions is one such company that can help you remove the virus and also suggest a schedule of backups, and anti-virus software to help avoid such issues in the future.


The bottom line is this virus is sophisticated and almost scary-friendly in how it offers to decrypt your files for a price.  The ultimate decision is yours as to whether you pay the ransom or not.  Paying a criminal will validate their actions but there may not be another method of recovering your files. Your decision depends upon any backups you may have and the value of your data files.  An experienced technician can explain your options in greater detail and help you through the process.

As protections, regular backups and avoiding clicking any links in emails are common and required precautions these days.

Learn More: A Technical Overview of the CryptoWall Virus from TechRepublic.

Need Help?”": Contact an Experienced Technician at MBC Solutions.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What Do Your Website Users Really Want?

This article by Paul Boag is an excellent overview that is very factual and important to understand as a business owner.  While the discussion centers on websites, I believe this applies to many areas of your business.

“The truth is people have no interest in using applications or websites. They are tools for a goal. They want to use your website or application for the smallest amount of time. Just enough to achieve the result that they are looking for.

People don’t use Facebook for the user interface. They use it to keep in touch with their friends. They don’t visit your website to see your gorgeous branding or engaging video. They just want to get the information they need and get out.

Read The Article Here!

I’ve meet many business owners who I would call “Old School” in their vision of what to show customers.  From websites, to print advertising, to billboards.  This “Old School” vision is understandable from the owner’s perspective.  They are paying good money for an advertisement and want to cram as much information into that ad-space as possible.  More bang for the buck…they say.  The reality is that they desire an ad they like and often forget that they should be creating an ad their customers like.  That owner will read their own ad carefully…their customer will only skim.


In this modern world, time is very limited.  Customers want the facts and only the facts, and if you want to live in the customer’s memory, if you want them to remember your message…you need to be short, sweet, simple, repetitive and consistent.


Friday, February 12, 2016

You Need a Website…and You Need One That Doesn’t Suck

If you own any business and don't have a website, you need to correct that now!  If you don't have a website, you won't be taken seriously.  It is today's equivalent to not having a phone number.  The world today is about being online and if your business isn' don't exist, you appear to not care about your customers or your company and you look unprofessional.  It doesn't matter if you don't believe a website is important.  As with most things in business, you don't do it because you like or want do it because your customers want and expect you to have one.  A nice one.  A helpful one.  One they can visit, see who you are and what you do, contact you, call you and judge you based upon the effort you put into presenting them with something beautiful, functional and informational.  If come off looking like you don't care about your customers.  And if your website is junky, customers will believe your product or service is of the same caliber.

Read The Whole Article Here!



Your Business Needs a Website!

You Are Not A Website Designer!

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Over 60% of Website Visitors are Using Mobile Devices!

I Don't Like Social Media Either...But That is Where Your Customers Live!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Microsoft Edge Browser is Nothing Like Internet Explorer…Thank God!

While Internet Explorer is dead with it's carcass buried deep within Windows 10, there is a new kid on the block preparing to make his debut. The new Microsoft browser, built from the ground up with little regard for IE is named Edge and with the exception of the slightly confusing icon, bears little resemblance to Internet Explorer.


Edge is fit and trim, secure and an up and coming competitor to Google Chrome and FireFox. Scrapping the bloat, the baggage and ActiveX support (what a mistake THAT was) is the right direction for this fledgling browser whose modern interface and cool new technologies and features continue Microsoft's redirection to producing performance software for the people, instead of for it's own ego.

Edge will be at least Microsoft's browser of the future and is included with Windows 10 out of the box. And Edge is the default, and it will be available across Microsoft’s product line, from PCs to smartphones to Holo Lens and Surface Devices. Microsoft said it built Edge to be clean, tight, and responsive and in our testing...they have mostly succeeded.

After IE, Microsoft has some work to do to rebuild users' trust, and the company says the days of cluttered, unwanted task bars are long gone. Edge uses its own HTML rendering engine, which is built based upon the engine in IE 11...but put on a diet. It is fast, responsive and modern but with a lot of room to grow. It is more standards compliant meaning that the vast majority of websites will render perfectly in Edge and Javascript has been tested running faster in Edge than even in Chrome. As many of you know, Chrome has grown a bit fat and slow, not to mention it's memory issues, over the years. But that is what happens when you get lazy.


So while even I, personally still use Chrome more often than Edge...I'm hopeful for the future. But I design websites and write computer software. My personal and professional needs are different from the day to day Windows user and I believe that if you haven't taken Edge for a ride, it is time to do so. Edge is very consumer friendly and built to handle their every need. So give it a try, decide for yourself and don't be prejudiced by IE's history. Edge is something completely different.


While Microsoft's browsers, IE specifically haven't been given much consideration over the last few years, Edge will likely change all that. Embedded as the default browser in Windows 10 is a good starting point...but there is work to be done and minds to change. Edge needs to complete the addition and management of extensions (specifically Ad Blocking) to complete into today's browser marketplace where Google Chrome is still king. But with the financial and technical backing of a newly refreshed Microsoft...Edge may just be, the browser of the future.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


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